Chief infectious disease specialist of the Azerbaijan's Health Ministry addresses people

Chief infectious disease specialist of the Azerbaijan
# 12 November 2020 10:07 (UTC +04:00)

Chief infectious disease specialist of Azerbaijan's Health Ministry Teyyar Eyvazov has addressed people, Ministry told APA.

It has been noted in the address that we are at the period of seasonal increase of severe respiratory virus infections now. Clinical signs of the novel coronavirus and other respiratory virus infections are so similar that they are difficult, sometimes impossible without laboratory examinations to be distinguished: "That is why, our citizens are recommended once more that they should stay at home, isolate themselves, and inform territorial doctor, if they feel temperature, general weakness, catarrhal signs. Only relevant doctor-specialist can adopt the right decision by examining you. Self-treatment is very dangerous on the approved or supposed novel coronavirus infection cases.

Experience shows that the vast majority of patients who entered hospitals in severe condition getting treatment at home by non doctors-specialists, nurses, even in some cases by the people who do not have medical education. Not assessing properly the severity of patients, defective treatment, untimely hospitalizing paves a way to the development of serious in sometimes fatal complications.

It should be noted especially that the use of various antibiotics and hormonal drugs are not allowed for patients with mild symptoms who are allowed to be treated at home. Antibiotics do not have any impact on virus, on the contrary it damages by destroying useful microorganisms in the body and weakening immune system, at the same time hormonal drugs distort the symptoms of the disease, giving the patient the impression of deceptive improvement, and if complications occur, they are detected too late, and the consequences of delayed hospitalization are often tragic. We once again insistently recommend that do not risk your life, in case you feel unwell immediately appeal to polyclinic at the place of residence, entrust your health only to the relevant qualified professional doctors."