Deputy Minister: "There are 14 rivers, 9 water reservoirs in Karabakh region"

# 09:27
28 April 2021

Water reserves of Karabakh region and surrounding districts have been revealed, Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Vugar Karimov told journalists, APA reports.

According to him, there are 14 rivers and 9 water reservoirs in these areas: "Araz, Bargushad, Terter, Hakari, Okhchu, Lev, Zabukh, Tutgun, Turaghay, Basit, Gargar, Guru, Khachin, and Kondalan rivers are in Karabakh territory. Khudaferin, Sarsang, Giz Galasi, Khachinchay, Ashaghi Kondalanchay, Sugovushan, Kondalanchay-1, Kondalanchay-2, and Aghdamkand water reservoirs were built on some of these rivers. The largest one of the reservoirs is Khudaferin (1 billion 612 million cubic meter). Longest one of these rivers is Araz. Its length is 1072 km."

V. Karimov also noted that the existence of the water reservoirs and rivers has great importance for the provision of the Karabakh region with irrigation, drinkable water, and electricity supply.