Deputy minister: “Discussions being held regarding the toughening of fines”

# 11:49
8 August 2020


“The bsuiness entities should arrange their activity by taking into consideration the new requirements”, said deputy minister of Economy Rovshan Najaf at the briefing of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, APA reports.

He said all rules should be complied with by business entities and citizens.

“The business entities complying with rules will obtain result sooner. If the rules are not abided by, the government will reconsider its decision about easing measures. And we don’t wish this. We wish that the economic activeness would resume. By putting to risk our health, we also put to risk the lives of members of our families. Therefore we request the business entities to obey rules. Besides, the control measures will also be taken by the government. Currently, the discussions are being conducted in regard to toughening of fines”, the deputy minister stressed.