Hande Hamanci: "WHO considers taken measures on coronavirus in Azerbaijan right"

# 13:24
20 August 2020

"We should not forget that coronavirus will be with us for at least 1-2 years, maybe much more", said Hande Harmanci Head of the Country Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Azerbaijan, APA reports.

She said that there is hope for a vaccine's discovery, but there is not obvious proves: "Although the vaccine is discovered, its delivery to everyone may take a long time. That is why we should follow the hygiene rules.

In the case of following these rules, they may continue the battle against the disease by taking measures in regions, villages individually, instead of closing the country, toughened quarantine regime. We hope the WHO will recommend all countries that they will be able to continue the fight by applying local closings in places, where infection cases continue, but not general closings. 

Azerbaijan also considers some regions riskier in comparison with others for its infection cases by applying the color system currently. More toughened measures are taken in these regions. From the point of view, the WHO considers taken measures right."