Hitler's military tunic, Mussolini's globe, interactive tape: REPORTAGE from Moscow's "Road of Memory" Museum

# 27 June 2020 18:09 (UTC +04:00)

The role of Azerbaijan in the victory over fascism in the Second World War is undeniable. It is also possible to see it while getting acquainted with the newly built Road of  Memory museum complex in Patriot military patriotic park. Many exhibits proving the heroism of Azerbaijanis in the fight against fascism are exhibited in the museum, APA’s Moscow correspondent has prepared a reportage from the unique Road of memory museum and the main temple of the Russian Armed Forces.

A huge temple built in a year and a half

We are in a magnificent place built in the "Patriot" military-patriotic park of the Russian Armed Forces, located in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region. The complex constructed in the large area consists of the main temple of the Armed Forces and Road of memory museum which surrounds it. The purpose of the construction of the temple dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in World War II is to perpetuate the victory of Soviet people over fascism.

In the place where the temple constructed, bloody battles took place for Moscow in November 1941. Therefore a live model that reflects those bloody battles, has been prepared nearby the complex. Here we can see the German tank in the flames, the trenches, in short, the fragments of those bloody battles.

The main temple of the Russian Armed Forces has been built in a record term, a year and a half. Each part of the temple founded on September 19 2018 by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Patriarch Krill, and Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, and dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory of the Second World War reminds the symbols of the Victory. The idea that the architectural proportions of the temple to remind the symbols of victory over fascism belongs to the Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu. The height of the temple is 96 meters. Because 960 is the year when Great Duke Vladimir was born. The diameter of the tympanum of main dome is 19 meters 45 centimeters. There are 8 windows in tympanum. The diameter of dome is 22 meters and 43 cm. These figures indicate the signing of the Act on the Capitulation of Nazi Germany on May 8, 1945, at 22:43. The height of the small domes is 14 meters and 18 cm. The war of 1941-45 has lasted exactly 1418 days. The height of the church bell is 75 meters. This reminds that 75 years passed since Great Victory. The temple has more details reminiscent of the victory over fascism

“Road of Memory” live history gallery

The most striking part of the complex is of course Road of Memory museum. This place without no analogue in the world, is not only just a museum or memorial, but also live history gallery.

The length of the museum consists of 1418 steps. This figure is also not chosen as a coincidence, it is a sign that the 1941-1945 war lasted 1418 days. The museum consisting of 35 halls reflects the fates and names of people who contributed to the victory over fascism, memory of each day of the horrible war.

Andrei Lyubchikov, a researcher of the Central Museum of the Russian Armed Forces, told APA that the main emphasis in this museum is directed to younger generation: “The interactives here, footages of combat activities in the war and information on partisan movement reflects historical facts even more. every visitor can get information about their relatives who fought in the Second World War in the interactive tape created in the museum “

From ordinary Azerbaijani fighters to partisan Mikhaylo..

According to the official of the museum, there is much information in Road of Memory live historic gallery about Azerbaijanis who attended Second World War. This information has been obtained both from military archives of Russia and the archives of Azerbaijan. I decide to check the interactive tape to see if there is any information about Azerbaijanis fighting against fascism. I enter the first name and the last name of my grandfather who lost his both legs in that war, in the monitor installed in the interactive tape of the museum, and... Here, information about my grandfather Akbarov Agadadash is displayed on the screen. Even together with photo of my grandfather, place of service, medals and orders ...

The information from ordinary Azerbaijanis, to Mehdi Huseynzadeh nicknamed Mikhailo, the hero of  Soviet Union, to an Azerbaijani who wrote his last name on the wall of the Reichstag building, has been placed in the museum.

Mehdi Hanifa oglu Huseynzadeh is the first hero to appear in the section "Heroes of the partisan movement". Visitors have the opportunity to learn more about Mikhailo, one of the few heroes of the partisan movement.

 Hitler's military tunic, globe presented by Mussolini to him, Mirtagiyev ...

One of the most interesting corners of the museum is the section where tunic of Hitler, cap, and a globe presented to him by Italian fascist leader Mussolini are exhibited. This section is exhibited in the last hall of the Road of Memory museum and exhibits demonstrated here are considered masterpieces of the museum. Namely in this section the exhibit proving when the Soviet Union seized the Reichstag building, the soldiers noted their surnames on the Reichstag building, is exhibited. This exhibit is a fragment from the wall of the Reichstag building. The surname of Azerbaijani Mirtaghiyev has also been noted in that fragment among two Rusian surnames- Filimov and Kuzmin. The fact that there was an Azerbaijani in the operation to seize the Reichstag is an indication that history is indelible. This fact once again shows that Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis played an incomparable role in the victory over fascism...