Massive infection with coronavirus recorded on area entitled as Bazaar in Azerbaijan’s Sheki

# 17:40
17 September 2020

The case of massive infection with coronavirus has been recorded on the area entitled as Bazaar in Sheki City, the Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) told APA.

The results of coronavirus test of 13 samples out of the test samples taken from 01.09.2020 until today on that area were positive.

Currently, the investigation into this case is being conducted. Extra information will be provided to wide public about the epidemiological situation.

The prophylactic and antiepidemic activities are implemented in Sheki in the area of stabilization of epidemiological situation. In the existing situation, taking into consideration that bazaar is the focal point of infection, the issue of temporary closure of bazaar may be considered in the upcoming days in order to carry out prophylactic disinfection works.