Number of appeals to MES’ hotline for psychological aid being disclosed

# 13:48
12 June 2020

“In order to provide support to the citizens experiencing psychological problems under the existing quarantine regime in our country, the work for rendering emergency psychological aid has been organized by professional psychologists of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) via 112 hot telephone line of the ministry beginning from April 8, 2020”, the Ministry of Emergency Situations told APA.

The report says the MES’ specially trained psychologists rendering services continuously, all day round on the basis of the rotation (work shift) mode provide necessary psychological aid to citizens. During the past period, over 1,000 appeals regarding psychological aid have been received by the hotline center from Baku City and various regions of the country. The appeals were mainly made by the citizens feeling anxious about the risk of infection with COVID-19 of themselves and their relatives, feeling strained because of their elder family members, suffering from loneliness and lack of communication, feeling confused of talking with psychologists face-to-face, experiencing psychosomatic symptoms and facing other psychological problems. 

Note that the main purpose of organization of the psychological aid is not to leave citizens alone with their psychological problems, to provide spiritual support, and to help them during the quarantine regime. In this regard, the citizens may call the Ministry’s 112 hot phone line at any time of a day and receive psychological support.