Ramin Bayramli: “Globe prepares for the autumn”

# 16:35
5 August 2020

“Experts of WHO and other international health institutions invited to Azerbaijan are giving recommendations regarding the preparations for the months of autumn,” said Ramin Bayramli, head of Board of TABIB, APA reports.

According to him, world countries are doing this preparation.

Mr Bayramli noted it is very difficult to predict the course of the disease in advance: "The possibility of the virus mutating in the future, along with other respiratory viral infections that are likely to occur in the fall, etc. can cause problems. It may increase the burden on health institutions. From this viewpoint, all countries are taking precautionary measures.  If you compare the number of death cases of Azerbaijan with world statistics today, you will see that this figure is less than 2 % in the country. The average age is nearly 65 years. This shows that the preparation of our medical facilities, the correct preparation of treatment protocols allows us to protect the health of our people,” Ramin Bayramli noted.