Shahmar Movsumov: “If rules are complied with, more reopenings may be decided on”

# 11:30
8 August 2020

“The main precondition of reduction of virus infection speed is to comply with the tough quarantine rules”, said Assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Head of the Department of Economic Issues and Innovative Development Policy Shahmar Movsumov at the briefing of the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, APA reports.

He said if the quarantine rules are complied with, even more reopenings may be decided on.

“Some people in the society present the easing measures as a victory and the end of the virus infection. There are even people who claim that there is not already a quarantine regime in the world. This is very wrong. I recommend those people to conduct a small research on internet. The fight against the virus is being waged in the whole world. This virus is still among us. The President of Azerbaijan also said at the meeting held by him the other day that all of us have got tired of quarantine. But we could achieve today’s statistics by complying with these rules. Therefore, all of us should comply with the rules”, the assistant to the President of Azerbaijan stressed.