TABIB: As of now, it is too early to say which anti-coronavirus vaccine candidate will be relevant

# 12:17
16 October 2020

“Azerbaijan is a participant of both bilateral and multilateral PROVAX project related to vaccines against COVID-19 disease”, said today head of department for prophylaxis and control of diseases of the Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB) Yagut Garayeva at the press conference organized by Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers, APA reports.

Y. Garayeva said they are tracking very closely the researches regarding vaccines conducted worldwide: “As of now, it is too early to say which vaccine candidate will be relevant. Some vaccine candidates become very promising when they complete the second phase of research and pass on to its third phase. But when its use in people is started, some complications and side effects on people are recorded. Therefore it is too early today to predict any time. There is no yet any vaccine that has fully completed all phases and has been approved by any international organizations. But we as a country are closely tracking all processes and are already a participant of all processes. If such a vaccine is approved, we will be in the list of the countries able to acquire that vaccine”.

The head of department of TABIB also commented on the issue of bringing of vaccine from Russia: “Currently, it is not significant which country the vaccine is produced in. Currently, the vaccine candidate produced in Russia is also investigated by international organizations. Although some positive assessment results have been noted on the vaccine by the WHO, it has not been fully approved. Positive assessment results of the vaccine are noted. If it will be approved and adopted by the WHO that it is fully harmless, then Azerbaijan may think of purchasing it."