TABIB: People should strictly comply with hygiene and social distancing rules

# 17:49
10 October 2020

“The cold weather will start as early as in autumn and winter months and during that period, the activation of all respiratory infections including COVID-19 virus is expected. The lifting of restrictions and the opening of schools result in growth of number of contacts. The infection doesn’t yet increase with great speed. The strict compliance with protection measures may ensure keeping under control the number of infections. The calming down of people plays certain role, the switching over of coronavirus to background has been sensed. We have repeatedly noted that people shouldn’t calm down", said chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Administration of Regional Medical Divisions (TABIB), professor Akif Gurbanov, APA reports. 

According to him, people should strictly comply with hygiene rules: "Currently, the coronavirus has tuned into more concerning issue in the European countries and all countries of the world. The calls for restrictions are voiced in some countries. The number of infections is increasing all over the world”.

 A. Gurbanov said although the restrictions are abolished in Azerbaijan, some rules are still in force: “But it seems the people forget that currently the quarantine regime is in force, some rules exist. The people have already calmed down, at the same time, the contacts have increased. Consequently, the number of infections also increased. Today’s number of infections is not an extremely concerning case, but if further growth occurs, this may worry us. Therefore people should refrain from unnecessary contacts, should work in distant mode as far as possible, should observe social distancing. Mask should be used without fail in public transport, metro, markets, any place where contact exists. If the growth increases even more, the health system may be loaded again. The number of severe patients may increase, the undesirable cases will also increase. We have lived through such times, but now we all should work together so that those times wouldn’t ever return. People should be very attentive”.