Vaccine against coronavirus prepared by Azerbaijani scientist to be tested on people

# 17:09
31 August 2020

The study of effect on animals of the two vaccines against COVID-19 made of green plants under leadership of member of Vaccine Scientific Committee of Turkey’s Biotechnology Institute, professor of Akdeniz University, correspondent member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) Tarlan Mammadov has yielded successful results and they are ready for being tested on people, APA reports citing ANAS.

Tarlan Mammadov started the works on development of vaccine against COVID-19 approximately 4 months ago together with a team of 20 people.

The scientist said in his statement the new generation vaccination works are being conducted using Nicotiana Benthamiana plant referred to the bloodline of the tobacco plants specially bred in laboratory. He noted that one doze of the vaccine produced by them creates special immunity against COVID-19.

T.Mammadov saying that they have developed two vaccines, pronounced that the results obtained by them have been extremely successful: "We believe that the vaccine candidates produced by us will be safe and effective against all virus mutations. We already can test on people the COVID-19 vaccine candidates. The production and refinement efficiency is high enough for trading of antibodies".

T.Mammadov added that they have submitted the results of the research in the form of report to Turkey’s Vaccine Scientific Committee and will send it to the Health Ministry in the near future.