Volunteers of the Regional Development Public Association appealed to Volunteers of the Countries of World

# 14:13
6 October 2020

On September 27, 2020, Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia brutally violated the ceasefire regime by attacking the Azerbaijani positions and residential areas all over the contact line using large-caliber firearms, mortars and heavy artillery. Thus, a new  attempted assault on Azerbaijan was undertaken. Along with military personnel, large numbers of civilians many of them being women and the elderly were killed as a result of this military offence, basic human rights like the right to life, right to own property, right to free movement, etc., were egregiously violated and a huge detriment inflicted to the public and private facilities and the infrastructure, Volunteers of the Regional Development Public Association told APA.

With a view to beating back Armenia's military attack, as well as safeguarding security of the civilian  population residing along the line of contact, the Armed Forced of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the framework of self-defense norms and pursuant to the International Humanitarian Law had no other choice than undertaking the counter-offensive operation exclusively within Azerbaijan’s sovereign territories.  

Neglect towards peace, security and requirements of international law, murder of innocent civilians including children, women and the elderly, and other inhumane actions of this kind contrary to the norms and principles of International Law have become typical behavioral standards of the leadership of Armenia. Impunity of these actions resulted in their frequent reiteration, 1 million Azerbaijanis’ becoming refugees and internally displaced persons, the occupation of 20 percent of Azerbaijani territory, misappropriation of Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage located in the occupied territories, destruction of unique cultural artifacts, plunder of natural resources, etc. All these manifestations of violent nationalism constitute a horrible example of neglect towards human values and humanistic ideas totally unacceptable in the society striving to unite through culture.

Overt territorial claims of Armenia resulted in military operations against Azerbaijan with no official declaration of war. This caused the transformation of the conflict into “an active phase”. Steady reluctance to withdraw the Armenian troops from Azerbaijan’s occupied territories for almost 30 years led in the relevant response steps from the Azerbaijani side with a view to restoring its territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders.

Armenia’s response to this was severe bombardment of densely populated areas with over 10 thousand shells and rockets launched and over 500 residential premises totally destroyed. Heavy shelling of Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan, khown for its cultural heritage and tourism resorts was a follow-up of this criminal policy. This resulted in numerous casualties among local civilians and serious detriment to residential premises, administrative buildings and cultural sites.  

The next step of Aremnia’s state-sponsored terror against the Azerbaijani civilian population was a threat of a rocket attack upon the vital water-supply and energy facilities located in the Districts of Absebon and Khyzy, in the immediate vicinity to the capital city of Baku, as well as the industrial hub of Mingechevir. This is another proof of the intent by the Republic of Armenia to pursue its aggressive policy through targeting innocent civilian population.  Armenia’s inhumane actions clearly undermine the global ceasefire initiative set forth by the UN Secretary General due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemics.

Summary of these facts clearly indicates a clear neglect of the provisions of the International Humanitarial Law to differentiate combatants from civilians and military facilities from the civilian ones. This major principle is overtly violated by Armenia with the zeal and hypocrisy typical of the occupant forces.

Armenia’s aggression against the Azerbaijani civilian population and infrastructure constitutes infringement of the international legal standards and principles, as well Resolutions No. 822, 853, 874 and 884 passed by the UN Security Council back in 1993 claiming complete and unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian troops from Azerbaijan’s occupied territories, and the provisions of the Geneva Convention of 1949 and its Additional Protocols. Meanwhile, these actions seriously undermine regional peace and stability. 


Commonly shared approach by the world volutreers towards global problems is a reality of the new epoch, an epoch with no fronteers indeed. Therefore, we are hereby calling upon the volunteers world over united by the sublime ideas of protecting the humanking, silencing the firearms, promoting peaceful coexistence of nations and war-free childhood to condemn Armenia’s hostile policy and sabotage against Azerbaijan and to support Azerbaijan in its attempts to solve the Azerbaijani-Armenian Nagorno-Garabagh conflict in the framework of the International Law.