One year passes since Fattah Heydarov's death-VIDEO

One year passes since Fattah Heydarov

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# 04 August 2021 14:51 (UTC +04:00)

A year passes since the death of the Chairman of Azerbaijan's Elders' Council, Member of Parliament Fattah Heydarov. Even today Fattah Haydarov is not among us, he always lives in our memories. With deep respect for his spirit.

In return for the service he rendered to people during his life, the sincerity and care he gave to people, whoever we gave a microphone to for talking about his memories, they frankly talked about Fattah Haydarov.

MP Eldar Ibrahimov says that the place of Fattah muallim is seen everywhere: “Fattah muallim was the elder brother and respected person for me. We were sincere friend. Fattah muallim was a big politician and also the eldest adviser due to his post recently. Because he was the chairman of the Council of Elders. We commemorate him everywhere. Before sitting in my place, I always pray for him and then sit. Although he is not physical, his spirit is with me. He was a very benevolent person. He would never hurt someone. Wherever I go and put my foot, I think that his spirit is always over my head”.

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Ukraine Elmira Akhundova, who was a colleague of Fattah Heydarov for many years, remembers Fattah Heydarov as a moral herald of deputies: “People like Fattah muallim are very much needed in our society. Fattah muallim loved Azerbaijan more than his own life. He always told me that we must protect the independence of Azerbaijan like the apple of our eyes. I have great memories of this unique person. Rest in Peace.”

Note that Fattah Heydarov was born on February 23, 1938, in Cheshmebazar village of Babek region of Nakhchivan AR. He finished Nehrem village secondary school in 1955, studied in mechanics and mathematics faculty of Azerbaijan State University during 1959-1964, and graduated from Baku Higher Party School in 1975.
He started his labor activity in the position of head of Guznut village club of Babek region in 1955. From 1958, he worked as a teacher of Cheshmebazar eight-year school, from 1968 – as an instructor of Nakhchivan Oblast Party Committee, from 1970 – as the second secretary of Ordubad Region Party Committee, during 1970-1990, he was elected deputy of Nakhchivan City and Ordubad region Soviet of People’s Deputies (SPD).
During 1976-1978, he was minister of Utility Services for Population of Nakhchivan ASSR.
From 1978, he worked as I secretary of Ordubad Region Party Committee, from 1986 – as I secretary of Julfa Region Party Committee, from 1983 – as minister of Culture of Nakhchivan AR.
During 1990-1995, he was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of Nakhchivan AR. He was a deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan of I (1995), II (2000), III (2005), IV (2010), V (2015) convocation. He was elected a deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Azerbaijan of VI convocation on February 9, 2020.
Regardless of his position, Fattah Heydarov always worked for the future of Azerbaijan. He also had an exceptional contribution to the development of education. Whichever village he went to, he interested in the condition of the schools there, he helped to build and repair schools…