Protest rally held in the Hague with requirement of "Stop mine deaths!"

# 18:00
8 June 2021

A silent protest rally has been held with joint organization of  European Azerbaijani Women`s Union “Ana Vatan” (Motherland) acting in the Kingdom of Netherlands and “Odlar Yurdu” Society, State Committee on Work with Diaspora told APA.

Rally participants marched in central streets of the Hague city with white T-shirts with mottos of "Free Karabakh from mines!", "Stop mine deaths!", and "#freeourcountryfrommines1". The march has started from Central Station and continued with a rally in front of the building of the International Justice Court (Peace Palace). 

Posters reflecting motto and images, requiring Armenia to provide Azerbaijan with mine maps and unconditionally follow trilateral statement signed on November 10, 2020.

Local residents, interested in the rally, have been informed on mine victims in Azerbaijan.