Teachers not required to be certified in Azerbaijan announced

# 20:30
10 June 2021

"We insist on piloting teachers this year. This serves to improve the quality of education.

APA reports that Education Minister Emin Amrullayev said this in a live broadcast on his Facebook.

He said teachers usually start teaching at the age of 20, and in most cases they teach for 40 years. One primary school teacher teaches an average of 10 classes, which is about 250 students, while other subject teachers teach hundreds of students: “If the pandemic allows, we want to conduct certification. The only reason for the delay may be a pandemic. We hope to be certified as a pilot in autumn. Maybe it's a small group. We will also try to hold various tests and sessions for the teaching staff. The purpose of certification is not to fire someone, but to keep them constantly evolving. Teachers who do not pass the first year may be certified for the second time during the year. The process is based on humanistic principles. The age limit will also be taken into account in the certification. Newly hired teachers will not be certified for 5 years, and teachers in the upper age group will probably not be certified in the first stage.