Ambassador: Romania is strategic partner of Azerbaijan

Vasile Soare, Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan 

© APA | Vasile Soare, Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan 

# 10 June 2023 14:40 (UTC +04:00)

Romania is Azerbaijan's first strategic partner after Türkiye, Romanian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Vasile Soare said, APA reports.

Ambassador said that Romania is the first European country to propose signing a document on strategic partnership with Azerbaijan: "This happened in 2009. I myself am one of the authors of the text of this strategic partnership agreement. In 1991, Romania recognized Azerbaijan's independence a few hours after Türkiye. Romania and Azerbaijan have good relations at the political level. I would say that the energy sector is the best direction with real and concrete results of our cooperation and is a field of the industry.

If we take the latest agreement, a bcm of Azerbaijani gas has flowed to Romania since April of this year. There is a project related to the transportation of liquefied gas from Azerbaijan through Georgia.

The issue of renewable energy (renewable energy sources) called "green energy" is now fashionable and relevant. On December 17 of 2022, in Bucharest, the Presidents of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Hungary and the Prime Ministers of the countries signed a quadrilateral agreement on the production and transportation of green energy and wind energy from the Caspian Sea, that is, from Azerbaijan to Europe.

A cable will be laid under the Black Sea along the Azerbaijan-Georgia route. The entire project is estimated at about USD 2.3 bln dollars. Currently, by November of this year, we are waiting for the results of the feasibility study of the project.

If we get the numbers we need, we will carry out this huge project. This will be the first physical connection between Europe and the Caucasus. It will make a huge difference. In 10-15 years, everyone in Europe will probably switch to green energy, and Azerbaijan has made a smart decision and will not only supply Europe with gas. This is the project of the future, of tomorrow, to provide renewable energy through Romania on time. If you look at the map, Azerbaijan and Romania are located in the most favorable place. This will be the Europe-Caucasus-Central Asia line passing through Baku. Therefore, the third and fourth components we are working on will be transportation and logistics. We are working to find strategic, economic and financial solutions that will connect Baku and Konstanz (a port on the Caspian Sea and Konstanz - a port on the Black Sea, the gateway to Europe), and to create connections in the transport and logistics sector. The Middle Corridor will connect Central Asia with Europe, and all these roads will pass through Azerbaijan only. That is, there are many issues for these two countries (ed. – Romania and Azerbaijan) to discuss, and it is no coincidence that in 2009 we signed a document on strategic partnership. At that time, when we looked at the map, we had an idea that real things would be done with Azerbaijan."