Dutch writer is about to complete his book on history of Karabakh

 Dutch writer-publicist Henri Van Rens

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# 25 May 2023 15:58 (UTC +04:00)

Dutch writer-publicist Henri Van Rens is about to complete his book written on the history of Karabakh, the writer participating in the II International Conference on Mine Action held in Aghdam.

He said that he devoted his book to the victims of the first and second Karabakh war: "I am happy to be here for the third time. This is important to me. I am completing my book about Karabakh. Why am I preparing a book about Karabakh, because we in the Netherlands do not know anything about Azerbaijan or Karabakh. This is a history book that will cover the period from 400 thousand years ago to the present day. I tried to include everything that happened in this period in the book. It will probably be a big book of about 420 pages. This is a gift for the victims of the First and Second Karabakh war, as well as for their parents and children."

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