Out of 38 new cases, 22 from cluster of Batumi confectionery

Out of 38 new cases, 22 from cluster of Batumi confectionery
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  • calendar-gray 02 September 2020

"The fact that we have a better epidemiological image in the region doesn't give us a reason to calm down, this is indicated by the number of cases today," - said Amiran Gamkrelidze, director of the National Center for Disease Control, APA reports citing Georgian Journal.

According to Gamkrelidze, the "Dona cluster" mainly includes the employees of the same confectionery.

"Out of the current 38 cases, 22 are from the so-called "Dona cluster", where the micro-epidemic took place. The infected individuals are mostly the employees. So far, we do not have information on how far the infection has gone outside Dona. It was announced last night that those who were in this cafe in the last days, should visit the tents and take the test, about 600 samples have been taken and we will have their answers today", - stated Gamkrelidze.

For the record, 38 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Georgia during the last 24 hours. Out of 38 new cases of coronavirus, 22 are from the cluster of Batumi confectionery "Dona", 7 cases are contacts of infected patients, 4 of them are imported cases, of which 2 patients are truck drivers, while the source of the remaining 5 cases is being established.


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