Community: Parties to conflict - aggressor Armenia and Azerbaijan which subjected to aggression - STATEMENT

Community: Parties to conflict - aggressor Armenia and Azerbaijan which subjected to aggression - STATEMENT
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  • calendar-gray 29 July 2020

We resolutely condemn Armenia’s attempts distorting the essence of the conflict and calculated at strengthening of results of the occupation under various pretexts, APA reports.

This was said in the statement of the Azerbaijani community on the Nagorno Garabagh region of Azerbaijan.
“Thus, the so-called regime being Armenia’s helper doesn’t give up its absurd claims regarding the format of the negotiations and tried to present itself once again as a party to the conflict.

As we have repeatedly noted, the format of the negotiations held for the solution of the conflict has been stipulated in relevant decisions of OSCE including the documents adopted during the Helsinki Final Meeting in 1992. We declare once again that as is accepted by the whole world, the parties to the conflict are the aggressor Armenia and Azerbaijan subjected to aggression. Therefore, the issuance of any “statement” by the so-called institution in its own private world is even less valuable than the paper on which its “text” has been printed.

As for the ceasefire issue in 1994, Armenia has used it for strengthening the occupation of our territories. During this period Armenia prevented the resolution of the conflict in all ways, engaged in illegal activities in our occupied territories, as well as conducted illegal settlement.

Armenia’s repeated attempts to change the format of negotiations, have been rejected by the international community, as well as by co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk group and resolutely condemned. However, the leadership of Armenia unbridled by impunity has not given up its position and has continued to jeopardize the fragile peace process with steps that serve the policy of annexation. On July 12, 2020, we witnessed it once again.

It is clear that Armenia is not interested in the peaceful settlement of the conflict. However, Armenia should know that it's keeping our lands under occupation will not last long. We, in all cases, by returning to our ancestral homes will completely restore our living there,” the statement reads. 


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