PABSEC: One out of every nine people in Azerbaijan is refugee or IDP

PABSEC: One out of every nine people in Azerbaijan is refugee or IDP
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  • calendar-gray 11 April 2017

One out of every nine persons in Azerbaijan is a refugee or an IDP, Asaf Hajiyev, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC), told reporters following the meeting of the organization’s Committee on Economics, Commerce, Technology and Ecology, APA’s Georgia bureau reported.


Asaf noted that the international community does not see this big problem of Azerbaijan, the occupation of its 20 percent territory, and the one million refugees.


He said today, one out of every 115 people worldwide is a refugee.


“In the Black Sea region, there is a refugee among every 60 people, and in Azerbaijan one out of every nine people is a refugee or IDP. Perhaps there is no such country in the world with one out of nine of its population being a refugee or IDP. Therefore, the world should give it a serious thought,” he added.


The PABSEC secretary general called for the liberation of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories.   


“The Azerbaijani president has repeatedly stated that Azerbaijan is a peaceful country. But there can’t be a question of giving up on an inch of Azerbaijani territory. Recent events have shown that Azerbaijan has the right position and right policy,” he concluded. 

Habil Aslanoglu

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