Ministry of Defense commented on the disseminated information on moving Israeli drones to Azerbaijan

# 19:47
23 August 2019

Ministry of Defense commented on information released in foreign media outlets regarding the delivery of Israeli drones to Azerbaijan for attaching Iran and Iraq by the US.

Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan told APA that there is no ground on this information: “This is false and spread as disinformation”.

Recall that some foreign media sources publish accusations of the commander of Hashd Al-Sha’abi (var. Popular Mobilization Units), Abu Mehdi al-Mohandis. In those accusations, Abu Mehdi al-Mohammad accused the US of deploying Israeli drones to Azerbaijan to target Iraq and Iran. "We have accurate and confirmed information that the Americans introduced four Israeli drones via Azerbaijan to operate within the U.S. fleet to carry out sorties that target the Iraqi military headquarters."