New Azerbaijani diaspora organization to be created in Russia in stead of closed VAK - EXCLUSIVE

# 02:57
24 November 2017

A new Azerbaijani diaspora organization is being created Instead of the closed All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress (VAK), APA's Moscow correspondent reports.

The leaders of the Azerbaijani communities in the regions of the Russian Federation appealed to Academician Fazil Gurbanov with a proposal to create and lead a new organization.


The appeal notes that "they refer to him as a person with an impeccable reputation, a special, professional approach to the cause and an active life position that can and should become the leader of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Russia."

It is also stressed that, despite the large number of various Azerbaijani diaspora organizations in Russia, the liquidation of the All-Russian Azerbaijan Congress created a huge emptiness in this direction.


"The organization, created with the approval of two national leaders of Russia and Azerbaijan, Vladimir Putin and Heydar Aliyev, unfortunately lost the active role that it played in Russia. It left important covenants and instructions, which led to a sad result. Many mistakes were made. Such mistakes became fatal for VAK, when Russia becomes a country of democratic principles.


Noting the activities of Fazil Gurbanov, they ask him to become the head of a new organization that could consolidate compatriots, and those goals that were assigned to her earlier, and which were later lost. And also to create all conditions for the Azerbaijani community to become an important and powerful force of Russian society", the statement says.

It should be noted that the appeal was signed by the heads of the Azerbaijani communities of 16 republics, 8 territories, 33 regions, 3 autonomous regions, as well as Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Let us note that on May 15 of this year, on the basis of the claim of the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Court of Russia decided to annul registration of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress (VAK).

On September 19, the Appeals Board of the Supreme Court of Russia did not satisfy the complaint of the VAK, leaving the decision of the court of first instance in force.