Azerbaijani President: During the Patriotic War, armed forces of Armenia were totally destroyed

# 12:09
26 April 2021

"Last year Azerbaijan put an end to nearly 30 years of occupation by Armenia of almost 20 % of its territories. As a result of occupation and ethnic cleansing policy of Armenia, more than 1 million Azerbaijanis were expelled from their native lands. In 1992 Armenia committed the Khojaly genocide killing 613 innocent civilians, including women and children. The Khojaly genocide has been recognized by 13 states" said President Ilham Aliyev in his speech in a video format at UN 77th session of Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, APA reports.

"The United Nations Security Council adopted four resolutions in 1993 demanding the full, immediate and unconditional withdrawal of armed forces of Armenia from all occupied territories of Azerbaijan. However these resolutions were never implemented by Armenia. I invite partner countries to join efforts to propose and elaborate mechanism of implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions in order to avoid double standards. We all witnessed that some Security Council resolutions are implemented within days. But in our case, they remained unfulfilled for 27 years. There was no hope that Armenia would comply with demands of the Security Council resolutions. No pressure and sanctions was imposed on Armenia throughout all these years.

Instead, Armenian military-political leadership was threatening Azerbaijan with “new war for new territories”. In July 2020 Armenia perpetrated military provocation along the state border. In August Armenian sabotage group attempted to penetrate through the Line of Contact.  

On September 27th Armenia launched large-scale military aggression against Azerbaijan heavily shelling the military and civilian populations. Azerbaijan was compelled to launch counter-offensive operations to defend its citizens. Azerbaijan implemented Security Council resolutions and norms and principles of international law itself and restored the historical justice and its territorial integrity.

During 44 days of the Patriotic War, armed forces of Armenia were totally destroyed. Armenia was forced to sign the act of capitulation on 10 November 2020.

Thus, Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is over. The conflict was left in the past.

All Azerbaijani cities and villages have been razed to the ground by Armenia during the occupation. Aghdam city is called “Hiroshima of Caucasus” by foreign experts. Armenia deliberately vandalized, desecrated and pillaged our cultural and religious sites. More than 60 mosques were destroyed by Armenia. Mosques were turned into cowshed and pigsty.

Now there is a huge task before us - reconstruction of completely destroyed cities and villages, all cultural and religious heritage sites in the liberated territories. Smart city, smart village and green energy concepts will be applied in the process of reconstruction. I invite companies from friendly countries to join the large-scale reconstruction in the liberated territories, the size of which is 4 times larger than Luxemburg.

Recently, I defined national priorities on socio-economic development for the next ten years. Competitive human capital and space for modern innovations, return to the liberated territories, clean environment and "green growth" country were identified as our key priorities" said the President.