Economist: "If Armenia refuses its revanchist ideas, it may benefit from Azerbaijan's infrastructure opportunities"

Economist: "If Armenia refuses its revanchist ideas, it may benefit from Azerbaijan's infrastructure opportunities"
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  • calendar-gray 17 March 2021

"According to a short-term agreement signed between SOCAR and Gazprom Export, gas, which will be transported from Russia to Armenia, will be delivered to Georgian border through Azerbaijani territory due to planned preventive repair works, to be conducted in Russian part of the North Caucasus-South Caucasus gas pipeline. Reaching such an agreement within the framework of new geopolitical and geoeconomic realities, formed in the region after the November 10 statement, was excepted, " Professor of the Azerbaijan State University of Economy, economist Elshad Mammadov told APA.

The economist said that this fact once again shows how strong and effective Azerbaijan is, with a modern energy infrastructure: "Azerbaijan with these steps demonstrates initiative to turn the region into a region of sustainable stability and development. The countries in the region should definitely use this initiative. It is obvious that Azerbaijan also demonstrates its commitment to the opening of communications provided for in the November 10 statement, shows its readiness, and at the same time demonstrates its good intentions and political will. The existing infrastructure of our country related to energy carriers allows the implementation of such projects. This should be assessed as a result of Azerbaijan's investments in infrastructure in recent years. Another issue that needs to be addressed is that with this step, Azerbaijan is also showing its humanism and humanity."

The economist noted that if Armenia rejects revanchist ideas, behaves wisely and adheres to the November 9 statement, it can take advantage of Azerbaijan's infrastructure: "If the Armenian side demonstrates its positive intentions and political will, quite effective and positive trends can be formed in the region for it. In order to protect the Armenian state and maintain the statehood of Armenia, this country must join cooperation projects in the region. Otherwise, the future of Armenia will be in doubt. Because new realities and new trends give grounds to say that the region is already becoming a region of economic integration and development in a fairly sustainable way. If Armenia, the country with the weakest economic potential in the region, stays out of these processes, it could make the threat of bankruptcy a reality for that country. Because if communications and roads are not opened, Armenia will not be able to build and develop communications alone. Armenia must understand that its future depends more on Azerbaijan."

Note that on March 16, SOCAR and Gazprom Export signed a short-term contract for the supply of Russian gas. According to the agreement, during the planned repair work on the North Caucasus-Transcaucasia gas pipeline, gas supply to consumers in Armenia will continue through the territory of Azerbaijan. During the planned preventive maintenance of the Russian part of the pipeline, gas will be delivered to consumers through the territory of Azerbaijan to the Georgian border. It is noted that the repair work may take about three weeks. Upon completion, the gas will be transported via the previous route - the Russian-Georgian border.


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