Azerbaijani President: "There should be a single concept for the restoration of all the territories and cities"

Azerbaijani President: "There should be a single concept for the restoration of all the territories and cities"
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  • calendar-gray 08 January 2021

"There should be a single concept for the restoration of all the territories and cities. There should be a single concept for each city. I will now give the floor to Samir Nuriyev," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at meeting in a video format on the results of 2020, APA reports.

"Preliminary contacts have already been established, and he will provide information about that. At the same time, there must be a unified approach to the rehabilitation of villages. Because before the occupation, the number of people living in some villages was very small – about 20 people, 30 people, 50 people. Of course, we should first deal with the restoration of large settlements.

I think that relevant agencies, the government and the Presidential Administration should determine the optimal composition of villages. In other words, there must be a reference point for us. Of course, the existence of these historic settlements and land plots must be taken into account so that the people who will settle there can provide for their families by working there. They should no longer need state support. Land parcels should be allocated to them so that they could cultivate them and earn a good income. Given that no land reform has been carried out on these lands, we must, of course, work out new criteria for this reform. Because in the 1990s, land reform was sometimes incomplete, which subsequently led to some problems. Land plots are not properly registered. This is why we are now faced with this situation. The information received from the satellite does not match the information available on the ground. Therefore, the Ministry of Agriculture is now working to solve this problem. On the liberated lands, of course, these mistakes should not be committed. Therefore, we need to know exactly which lands will be given to the state land fund and which lands will be given to the forest fund. I must also say that most of our forests have been cut down. I have information about that. I will voice that information shortly. In general, the main areas of activity in the liberated lands should be agriculture, agricultural processing and tourism, so that we can preserve the natural qualities of this region. Hard as the Armenians tried, they could not settle there. Because they do not have human resources. I have visited the liberated lands where the Armenians used to live. I was horrified to see their living conditions. There was a well-known village of Shurnukh where the Armenians lived. They have now been evicted from there. Yesterday, the head of the Border Service informed me that it was a terrible sight. It looks more like a kennel. I told them to make video footage of that. Journalists have now been sent there. Record that and show what state they were living in. Because they had no resources, no desire and no human resources. Besides, they never treated these lands as their own. Otherwise, Shusha, a city where they lived the most, would not be in such a deplorable state now. If they tried to falsify history and present Shusha to the whole world as an Armenian city, they should have at least brought it to decent condition. The leaders of that separatist entity built mansions for themselves. Armenian oligarchs built mansions for themselves. But there are no other modern structures there. They destroyed our historical and architectural sites. Therefore, the rules on this and other issues, including urban planning, should be followed to determine the exact composition of cities to be restored. We have to set ourselves a goal – what we want a particular city to be like," noted the President.


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