Tural Ganjaliyev: Refusal of the representatives of the Armenian public to meet is the harbinger of a new provocation

Tural Ganjaliyev

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# 28 March 2023 16:20 (UTC +04:00)

The refusal of the representatives of the Armenian community in Karabakh from the proposal of the official Baku on meeting and disavowal dialogue reveals a reality, Member of Azerbaijani Parliament Tural Ganjaliyev told APA.

According to MP, the normalization with Armenia in the post-conflict period is another process, whereas the dialogue with Karabakh Armenians is another process, another direction as our internal work: “We consider the dialogue with Armenian residents of Karabakh and the issue of their integration Azerbaijan’s internal issue. The official Baku, suggesting a meeting to the representatives of the Armenian community in Karabakh redemonstrated to the entire world that this is Azerbaijan’s internal work, and will not allow any country or any party to interfere with the internal issues of our country. However, unfortunately, existing aggressive separatist elements in Karabakh, and Armenia supports them, and the Armenian diaspora still lives with the feeling of revanchism. In this context, the refusal of the representatives of the Armenian community in Karabakh from the dialogue is the harbinger of a new campaign of provocation against Azerbaijan. The next provocations should be expected. Because, Armenia still has 10 thousand illegal armed groups in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region, and they did not withdraw from our territories. The provisions of the trilateral statement were not implemented by the Armenian side.”

Tural Ganjaliyev stated that despite Armenia’s destructive policy, the negative approach to constructive proposals of the official Baku should be evaluated as a provocation against our country: “Armenian residents of Karabakh do not have another choice. They should reintegrate into Azerbaijani society. Karabakh’s Armenian residents should separate themselves from separatist elements. It should be declared that they have no relations and associations with aggressive, separatist, and bandit clusters.”

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