Moldovan President: "There is no certainty that Gazprom will stick to contract with Moldovagaz"

Maia Sandu, Moldovan President

© APA | Maia Sandu, Moldovan President

# 26 September 2022 14:26 (UTC +04:00)

The Moldovan authorities are not sure that the Russian supplier Gazprom will stick to the contract signed with Moldovagaz. As from October 1, the purchase price of gas is to decrease considerably according to the contract, said President Maia Sandu, referring to the discussions held in last Saturday’s meeting of the Supreme Security Council, APA reports citing IPN.

“The authorities are ready to act in any situation, according to the scenarios designed earlier. The citizens will enjoy the Government’s support the coming winter, as they did last winter,” noted the official.

President Sandu said that if Gazprom does not fulfill its contractual obligations, the state has particular reserves for October. After October, there will be implemented other plans that were thought up for such a scenario. “Discussions are held each month and we every time make reference to the contract. The Republic of Moldova or more precisely Moldovagaz has a contract and this stipulates that the price for the consumers in the Republic of Moldova must decrease considerably as of October 1. It is the duty of Gazprom to fulfill the contractual obligations. We will see if it does this or not,” stated Maia Sandu.