UK heads list of countries investing in Azerbaijan's fixed capital

UK heads list of countries investing in Azerbaijan's fixed capital
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  • calendar-gray 17 October 2016

State Statistical Committee told APA-Economics that 80.2% or AZN 8,236.2 million of these funds were spent to construction of production facilities, 15.5% or AZN 1,591.5 million to construction of objects on service areas, 4.3% or AZN 440.3 million to construction of residential houses with the total area of 1,205,500,000 m².


29.6% of investments fell to share of state sector, 70.4% to share of non-state sector. 71.2% of investments went to construction works. 39.1% of funds made domestic funds.


AZN 7.366.2 billion of investments made funds of enterprises and organizations, AZN1,004,000,000 - bank loans, AZN 1,378,900,000 budget funds, AZN 112,600,000 off-budget funds, AZN 385.5 million personal funds, AZN 24.8 million other funds.


67.1% of investments in the fixed capital went to industry, 15.7% to construction, 9.4% to transport and storehouses, 1.7% to each of state management and defence, compulsory social security, agriculture, forestry and fishery, 0.9% to education, 0.8% to each of information and communication, rendering administrative and auxiliary services, 0.5% to each of recreation, entertainment and art, 0.3% to trade, 0.1% to each of tourist accommodation and catering, professional, scientific and technical activity and etc.


In January-September 2016, $6,514,900,000 was directed to oil sector, AZN 3,753,800,000 to the development of non-oil sector. Of this, AZN 374.7 million (3.6% of total investment) was spent at non-oil industry.


Foreign institutions and organizations directed AZN 6,251,100,000 to the fixed capital.


Investments of Great Britain, Turkey, Malaysia, Switzerland, Russia, Iran, US and Japan in the funds directed by foreign institutions and organizations amounted to AZN 5,426,100,000 or 86.8% (86.8%).


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