Azerbaijan's State Security Service exposed an illegal armed group controlled by the Iranian special services-VIDEO

# 01 November 2022 21:17 (UTC +04:00)

The State Security Service conducts comprehensive investigations into cases of secret involvement of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan in military exercises outside the country, financing and directing their activities, and their detention in the sphere of influence by blackmail and other violent methods in order to use them in violation of state security interests, State Security Service told APA.

Operational-investigative measures determined that under the control of the Iranian special service, by inculcating radical-extremist religious ideas, a secretly created illegal armed group's leadership consisting of citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan entrusted Ibrahimbeyli Tohid Alim oghlu, Asadov Rovshan Elchin oghlu, Mammadov Orkhan Kamran oghlu, Hajiyev Elshad Elchin oghlu (Akram Hajizadeh) and others, who have been placed under international arrest and wanted for similar crimes since 2018, and currently hiding in Iran.

During the past period, citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who had been primarily found guilty of various crimes and who identified with the illegal armed group's "Muslim Unity Movement" were flown to Tehran, Iran, via the territory of third countries, where they received training in conspiracy requirements and were given religious nicknames and taken to Damascus, Syria, on military cargo planes with forged documents. They were involved in military drills in Syria where they were taught the regulations of utilizing various weaponry and battle techniques, and they were granted varying sums of money by signing the receipts supplied to each person who participated in the exercises.

19 citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who were found to be taking part in the military exercises of illegal armed groups during the conducted operational search measures, were brought into the investigation, numerous evidences concerning the illegal armed group and the military exercises organized by it, the modern development that was brought to Azerbaijan by illegal means, radical against the ideas of the secular state, various books, and video materials, which promote religious-extremist attitudes and are banned in Azerbaijan, were discovered and taken away.

Huseynov Iskander Hani oghlu, Hagverdiyev Tural Safar oghlu, Shukurov Eltun Ali oghlu, and others previously convicted in the criminal case were brought to criminal responsibility under articles 12.1, 279.1 (participation in armed groups not authorized by law) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Simultaneously, materials about the assignment of various tasks to members of the organization by Ruhulla Akhundzadeh, who currently resides in Iran, and others were uncovered.

Asadov Orkhan Farman oghlu, one of those who engaged in military drills with the members of the group, was apprehended while trying a terrorist attack on the territory of a third country.

During the investigations, reasonable doubts were also formed that Mammadov Fagan Sadraddin Oglu, who was involved in the aforementioned military exercises and brought to Azerbaijan via an Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan car, organized the distribution of T-shirts with religious slogans to participants of the actions planned to be held in various regions of the Republic.

It was discovered that the representatives of the aforementioned special service blackmailed the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, who had a disagreement with them regarding the justification of the Armenian Armed Forces' aggressive actions, using video footage of military exercises in which they participated and other techniques, in order to keep them in the sphere of influence.

Currently, complex operational-investigative steps are under underway.

The State Security Service emphasizes that citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan who are involved in any illegal armed groups will face severe criminal penalties, and warns them about the importance of timely informing the country's security body about any form of influence from foreign special services.