Lavrov: “Armenia has not provided a complete list of war prisoners”

Lavrov: “Armenia has not provided a complete list of war prisoners”
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  • calendar-gray 18 January 2021

“The exchange of prisoners of war is part of a statement signed on the night of November 9-10. This issue was discussed during the telephone conversations of the Russian President with the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia. This issue was discussed in my telephone conversations with the Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia. The exchange of prisoners of war was also discussed at the long-running January 11 meeting in Moscow,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the press conference on the finals of 2020, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

“If we talk in detail, indeed, there were more problems on the Armenian side. Both sides should have provided a list of prisoners. The Azerbaijani side gave the list. This list was not large. Those captives were exchanged. The issue of captives and missing people have not been raised by Azerbaijan. Armenia did not provide this list immediately and completely. Until November 9, there was an exchange of prisoners. Now we are talking about the issue that arose in early December. Great Armenian conscripts were sent to Hadrut in late November. One week, 10 days later, in early December, 62 people were captured there. At that stage, the Azerbaijani side stated that the captives were sent to those territories after the cessation of hostilities, so the issue should be considered separately, not within the framework of the November 9 tripartite statement. Russia is in favor of exchanging prisoners on an "all for all" basis. I talked to my Armenian colleague. It turned out that the list includes more than 62 prisoners. Let me say that this topic exists. It would be difficult to solve this without our peacekeepers

Farid Akbarov

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