Azerbaijani President: “Some countries get 3-4 times more vaccines than they need”

Azerbaijani President: “Some countries get 3-4 times more vaccines than they need”
  • Clock-gray 14:58
  • calendar-gray 26 February 2021

“We keep the situation under control since the beginning of the pandemic,” said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at the press conference held in a video format for local and foreign journalists, APA reports.

The head of the state said that the decisions on tightening and easing the quarantine regime have been quite effective: “Infection the level is quite low in our country. About more than 200 thousand people infected with coronavirus in Azerbaijan so far, currently, there are a little bit more than 2 thousand active cases. There is enough empty space in our hospitals. Because in the first month of the pandemic we established more than 10 modular hospitals. In the last two months, there has been a positive trend in the number of infected and cured in favor of those who have recovered. At the same time, we are the first country in South Caucasus that as in Europe we started vaccination. We started vaccination on January 18. We use Coronovac vaccine produced by China. At the same time we have joined COVAX platform and in this framework we should buy other vaccines- Astra/Zeneca, Moderna, Pfizer. We had a relevant document signed on supply of Astra/Zeneca vaccine with Russia from the first day. Because the Russian company is the distributor of this vaccine in the post-Soviet space, along with the Sputnik vaccine. However, this vaccine has not entered our country yet. We have information that Sputnik vaccine currently meets Russia’s domestic need. Russia has delivered a very limited amount of the vaccine to foreign countries. When it comes to Coronovac vaccine an agreement regarding 4 mln. of doses has been signed. I am reported daily and 15-20 thousand people are vaccinated daily. We will use all the opportunities in this direction. For this purpose fund in the relevant amount has been allocated, We will wait for vaccine producers.”

President Ilham Aliyev noted that some countries get 3-4 times more vaccines than they need: “For example, Canada. I have spoken about it. So, it turns out that it will not reach someone.

Those countries no longer need the purchased vaccines. They talk about equality, human rights, democracy in the word, but in deed, they violate the rights of millions of people living in poor countries. Even although they have opportunity to purchase vaccine, there is no access to vaccine. Let me be clear, if we had not signed contracts with all manufacturers, we would also be without vaccine today."


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