Professor: "There is not a specific drug or vaccine against coronavirus yet"

Professor: "There is not a specific drug or vaccine against coronavirus yet"
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  • calendar-gray 02 December 2020

"Coronavirus, widely engulfing all countries in a very short period of time from the end of 2019, became pandemic. Azerbaijan is also an inseparable part of the world", said Director of Scientific-Research Institute of Medical Prevention named after Vali Akhundov, professor Adil Allahverdiyev at the briefing today, APA reports.

He said that earlier some radical measures were taken by the government in Azerbaijan on time: "We already look at coronavirus as a biological enemy that we know. It is a virus, which appeared for the first time. Fight against viruses is different from the fight against other bacteries. Virus lives in a cell. We should destroy the cell in order to destroy the virus. All claimed that they found something until now. But there is not a specific drug against the virus yet. The issue of vaccine is the same. Preparations of vaccine against the virus have been started in many laboratories of the world in a very short period of time. US Food and Drug Administration has been appealed on preparation of 11 kinds of vaccines now. Some of the 11 vaccines may be confirmed. But currently, we do not have a normal vaccine on hand. It is also unknown how effective the vaccine will be. Figures, written by media, show result of trials, conducted on volunteers. It is not clear how effective it will be on people after start of vaccination. The information we have says that an antibody against coronavirus is established for 4-5 months. We can not be comfortable, even after discovery of the vaccine."

Firuza Vahid

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