Family members killed in avalanche accident in Azerbaijan identified - UPDATED

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23 February 2017

The members of the family killed when an avalanche hit their house in Azerbaijan’s Lerik have been identified.


The victims are—Shovkat Mustafayeva (1961), Ilaha Mustafayeva (1994), Zahra Mustafayeva (2015), and Ughur Mustafayev (2016), APA has learned.


Two have been rescued of the six people who were inside the house at the time of the incident.






Five members of one family died after an avalanche hit their private house in Azerbaijan’s southern district Lerik, Habil Malikov, head of the district emergency situations commission, told APA’s local bureau.


According to information, a private house owned by local resident Habulla Mustayev collapsed after being hit by an avalanche, killing two women and three minor children.