Samir Sharifov: IBA is not in danger any more

# 11:34
7 November 2017

Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov commented on proposals and concerns about protection of customers’ rights during the discussion of draft state budget for 2018 at the parliament.


According to him, all bank depositors’ rights are protected and they get their funds back.


The minister noted that some depositors of banks, of which licenses have been revoked, face problems: “We have created Deposit Insurance Fund and all compensations on insured deposits have been repaid. ”


The Minister also commented on MP Zahid Oruj’s opinions about direction of al money to IBA’s foreign debts: “The state replaced IBA’s liabilities with its liabilities. As a result of this, our external debt increased by $2.4 billion. However, IBA is not in danger any more. And its ratings are improving”.