AZN 41,250 paid in compensation to those suffered by accident resulted in killing of six students

# 09:06
17 October 2017

According to Compulsory Insurance Bureau, the compensation was paid because the vehicle owner did not have compulsory civil liability insurance agreement. According to the article #32.1.3 of the law on “Compulsory insurances”, compensation is assigned where the third party is injured as a result of usage of motor vehicle by person not having compulsory civil liability insurance agreement.


The accident happened on March 9 as a Ford Transit minibus hit a parked ZIL truck at the roadside.


As a result, six of the passengers on the minibus lost their lives and 21 others were taken to Sumgayit City Urgent Medical Aid Hospital with injuries of varying severity.


The minibus’s driver, Sumgayit resident Namiq Huseynov, has been detained as a suspect.


The Main Criminal Investigation Department of Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has initiated a criminal case under Article 263 (violation of traffic rules and vehicle operation) of the country’s Criminal Code over the accident.


Namig Huseynov was sentenced to 3 years in prison.