GDP makes up AZN 50B in January-September

# 15:26
13 October 2017

In January-September 2017, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to AZN 50,067,300,000, down 0.6% from previous year.


According to State Statistical committee, the value added in non-oil sector rose 2.5%, its share in GDP made up 62.6%. The value added in oil sector declined 6.5%.


In the reporting period, 40.2% of GDP was formed in industry, 10.4% in trade: maintenance of transport vehicles, 8.7% in construction, 6.9% in transport and storage economy, 5.9% in agriculture, forestry and fishery, 2.5% in tourist accommodation and public catering, 1.7% in information and communication, 16.3% in other areas. Net taxes to production and import made up 7.4% of GDP.


Per head GDP stood at AZN 5,149.4.