Germany turns its back on nuclear for good despite Europe's energy crisis

Germany turns its back on nuclear for good despite Europe
# 11 April 2023 17:33 (UTC +04:00)

The German government is phasing out nuclear power despite the energy crisis, APA reports citing Euro News.

Germany is pulling the plug on its last three reactors on Saturday (15 April), betting it will succeed in its green transition without nuclear power.

On the banks of the Neckar River, not far from Stuttgart in south Germany, the white steam escaping from the nuclear power plant in Baden-Württemberg will soon be a memory.

The same applies further east for the Bavarian Isar 2 complex and the Emsland complex, at the other end of the country, not far from the Dutch border.

While many Western countries depend on nuclear power, Europe's largest economy is turning the page- even if the subject remains controversial until the end.

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