President: "Azerbaijan is included in top 10 most reformist countries by World Bank"

President: "Azerbaijan is included in top 10 most reformist countries by World Bank"
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  • calendar-gray 08 January 2021

"At the end of my opening remarks, I would like to touch upon the assessment of international organizations of the work carried out in Azerbaijan. The World Bank's Doing Business report, as people may remember it, was inaccurate about several countries. The World Bank said a few months ago that the ratings of these countries would be reconsidered, including Azerbaijan, which was on the list. So it was reconsidered and our rating was increased. Because it had not been calculated correctly before. I do not know why and this is another matter," said President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev at meeting in a video format on the results of 2020, APA reports.

"However, according to the new ranking, Azerbaijan ranks 28th out of 190 countries in the World Bank's Doing Business program. This is something for those frowning at our work, those who have no idea about economy. The World Bank says this. The business climate, the investment climate, the reforms are acknowledged by the World Bank. In addition, Azerbaijan is among top 10 most reformist countries. So the so-called economists, the fake economists crowing abroad and here, open your eyes, have a look and put your tongue in your stomach. Some random people were trying to teach us a lesson: “the economy is not run properly, this and that”. Go and read, if you can read at all.

I would like to note some parameters of the report of the Davos World Economic Forum. The level of electricity supply to the population – Azerbaijan ranks second in the world. We are in second place in the world. In terms of the government's commitment to change, i.e. for the reform ratio, Azerbaijan ranks fifth in the world. The government's long-term strategy – Azerbaijan is in 10th place. The government’s political stability agenda – Azerbaijan ranks 11th in the world. In terms of infrastructure projects, the efficiency of railway services is in 11th place. Efficiency of airline services – we are 12th place. The quality of roads – we are in 24-27th places. This calculation was conducted among 74 developing countries. Azerbaijan ranks third for the Inclusive Development Index. These are the results of the reports of the World Bank, the world's leading and, I would say, the most influential international body, and the World Economic Forum, the world's number one forum.

Therefore, I want to say again that we are on the right path. We have achieved this despite all the difficulties, despite the occupation and despite the presence of a million refugees. Now the lands have been liberated and a great return must begin. Great development processes must begin. Therefore, of course, we must carry out all this work more actively and in a more focused manner, expand the capabilities of Azerbaijan and increase the dynamics of our country's development.

Now let's discuss the work to be done this year. First of all, I would like to hear from the Task Force. The Task Force was established on my instructions and is already active. Many instructions have been issued. I would request that the head of the Task Force provide some information. We are always in touch, but I would like our people citizens to hear this as well," noted the head of state.


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