UK PM's spokesman says Boris Johnson is not on a ventilator

UK PM's spokesman says Boris Johnson is not on a ventilator
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  • calendar-gray 06 April 2020

A spokesperson for the UK prime minister has denied reports that Boris Johnson was on a lung ventilator in the hospital, but added that he remains "under observation" after undergoing tests, APA reports citing Sputnik.

"The prime minister had a comfortable night in Thomas's Hospital in London, and is in good spirits", the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson dodged a direct answer to a question about whether Johnson has pneumonia, a condition sometimes treated with the use of a ventilator, saying that the prime minister has persistent symptoms of the coronavirus infection. He later elaborated that the prime minister has a temperature and a cough.

Johnson remains in charge of the UK government and receives "his box of work" while in hospital, according to the spokesperson. The latter added, however, that Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will be chairing the daily meetings on the state of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, while the prime minister stays in hospital.

A source with the UK's health authorities earlier told Sputnik that the prime minister would be undergoing artificial lung ventilation after being admitted to a hospital with persistent COVID-19 symptoms. Johnson was transferred to a hospital at the advice of his doctor as a "precautionary step" following a week in self-isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus.


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