Real progress has been made between Armenia and Azerbaijan: Philip Reeker

Philip Reeker,  Senior Advisor of the US Department of State for Caucasus Negotiations

© APA | Philip Reeker, Senior Advisor of the US Department of State for Caucasus Negotiations

# 29 November 2022 17:04 (UTC +04:00)

"I’m delighted to be back in Baku and speaking to you today from the United States Embassy to Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan’s story is one of potential. Each time I return I see the growth of the economy, the resilience of the people, and the opportunities for the whole South Caucuses region," said U.S. State Department's Senior Advisor for Caucasus Negotiations Philip Reeker, who has been on a visit to Azerbaijan, in his video message, APA reports.

"Secretary of State Tony Blinken believes strongly in the opportunity for peace and the potential of the South Caucuses. He asked me to return this week to the region because geography is important.

I’m here in Baku, going on to Tbilisi and Yerevan, where geography and history meet.

We know the process of peace is not easy, and I know the conflict has caused great hardship and suffering on all sides for far too many years.

However, I believe there is also hope. Hope for a peaceful future. Hope that momentum will be sustained in these peace negotiations and a new chapter of history can be made for a brighter future for all.

I’ve seen real steps, courageous steps, by both countries that can make a future and a durable peace.

As Secretary Blinken said both countries are working to a brighter more prosperous future for the South Caucasus.

The United States supports direct dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan and urges this momentum to continue into the new year.

Real progress has been made and peace brings the promise of a better, brighter future.

I recognize the courage, determination and leadership necessary to reach that destination," emphasized Philip Reeker.