Prague hosts Eastern Partnership media conference

Eastern Partnership media conference in Prague

© APA | Eastern Partnership media conference in Prague

# 01 December 2022 14:41 (UTC +04:00)

“War conducted by Russia against Ukraine once again showed how important the journalism writing realities is,” said Foreign Minister of Czech Republic Yaroslav Kurfürst at the opening of the Eastern partnership media conference in Prague, APA reports.

According to the minister, since the 1990s up to today, journalism changed dramatically, and unfortunately, sometimes this change was negative.

“The colorful press of Russia in the 90s has now become a propaganda machine. Namely, as a result of this people such as Margarita Simonyan came forward,” the deputy minister noted.

Note that the two-day event, which was attended by Emil Guliyev, the editor-in-chief of, a member of APA Group, was organized by the European Commission, the European Union Eastern Partnership program, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and “Azadlig” radio.

The conference is also attended by about 100 journalists from -member countries of the Eastern Partnership program- Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Moldova. Media representatives of Belarus operating abroad have also joined the event.

The information of the organizers for media says that the war in Ukraine, the situation in Belarus, and occasional military confrontations between Azerbaijan and Armenia demonstrate how important the work of journalists is in terms of delivering real information.

The organizers consider that after the isolation related to COVID-19 it is time to update the concept of independence of Eastern partnership, discuss the changes that occurred in the activity of media, and discuss the ways of development.