Military expert: "Future status of Lachin highway will be more related to status given to Zangazur corridor"

a military expert Adalat Valiyev

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# 01 September 2022 12:07 (UTC +04:00)

"Lachin Corridor, which provided Armenia's connection with Karabakh during the 30-year occupation, has already become a highway and is under control Azerbaijani Army. Gas, electricity, telephone communication, and internet line of the Armenian side in the territory are also controlled by Azerbaijani Army," a military expert Adalat Valiyev told APA's correspondent, sent to Lachin.

Expert has noted that by passing the corridor with a length of more than 30 km from Russian control under our control they have been given a 9 km-sector from Lachin territory: "It is just a road, not a corridor. Its future status will be more related to the status given to Zangazur Corridor. Anyway, we see the geography of Lachin district. Mostly, strategic highlands surround us. Azerbaijani Army is stationed in these high lands. Security in Lachin and surrounding districts is provided."