Azerbaijan’s MES took measures in area of ensuring defense of population in frontline zone

Azerbaijan’s MES took measures in area of ensuring defense of population in frontline zone
  • Clock-gray 16:17
  • calendar-gray 29 September 2020

“The readiness status, capacity of collective defense facilities including shelters, anti-radiation sanctuaries and cellars in our cities and regions, the capabilities of communication and warning system, utility system, the existing infrastructure and communication systems, agencies functioning in the area of transport, health institutions have been comprehensively analyzed, relevant measures have been taken in this area by the Ministry of Emergency Situations together with the concerned state agencies in order to ensure reliable protection of people during peace and war periods”, reads the information disseminated by press service of the MES, APA reports.

The information says also taking into consideration the provocative nature of military and political leadership of the Republic of Armenia and the living of our country in the war conditions, the Ministry of Emergency Situations has taken necessary measures accordingly in the area of ensuring of civil defense of the population living in the frontline zone.

“Extensive awareness-raising work on safety behaviors during possible attack of enemy have been carried out among the residents of residential settlements located in along the front zone and directly in contact line. In this framework, by the attendance of the representatives of other state bodies the population has been informed about behavior rules during emergency situations, especially in war condition, in order to protect against the effects of enemy fire, the rules of proper use of temporary shelters created in the backyards of the residents of village. Temporary shelters in required number have been established in residential settlements located in front zone in order to be protected from artillery strikes of the enemy. In addition, the situation of the communication-warning system has been analyzed in order to inform the population about large-scale emergencies in peacetime and enemy attacks in wartime. For this purpose taking relevant measures has been ensured by using alternative methods.

Note that the Minsitry of Emergency Situations operate in an enhanced mode for immediate elimination of damage caused to various objects as a result of enemy artillery fire, including civilian objects, individual and apartment houses, farms, infrastructure facilities, fires caused by strikes,” the information reads. 


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