Erdogan: "France already has no mediation mission left”

Erdogan: "France already has no mediation mission left”
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  • calendar-gray 04 December 2020

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has commented on adoption of resolution"Protection of the Armenian people and the Christian communities of Europe and the East” by French National Assembly, APA’s Turkey bureau reports.

Turkish president noted that first of all the Minsk gropup is mediator.

“France already has no mediation mission left. Macron is a trouble for France. fFrance is experiencing very dangerous period. My wish is that France gets rid of Macron as soon as possible. Otherwise they will not be able to get rid of “yellow vests”. "Yellow vests" can then turn into "red vests." They are facing such a trouble. My dear brother Ilham Aliyev made such a recommendation to the French: “If they love Armenians so much, let them give Marseilles to Armenians.” I also give the same recommendation. Karabakh is a land of our Azerbaijani brothers. These places have been under occupation for 28 years. The US, Russia also accept it. France also accepted it,” Erdogan stressed. 

Sevil Unal Hilalgızı

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