Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Health disclosed classification of patients infected with COVID-19 virus based on symptoms

Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Health disclosed classification of patients infected with COVID-19 virus based on symptoms
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  • calendar-gray 10 July 2020

The member of the Working group functioning in connection with the fight against COVID-19 virus at the Ministry of Health Sabina Babazade in the online interview given by her classified the persons infected with COVID-19 virus based on degrees of infection: the asymptomatic patients, the mildly symptomatic patients and the severely symptomatic patients infected with COVID-19 disease.

Sabina Babazade said the asymptomatic patients as is seen from their title don’t experience any symptom of the disease and are only the virus carriers. The infection of the asymptomatic patients is determined only after their passing a COVID-19 test. As for the mildly symptomatic patients, according to Sabina Babazade, such patients firstly feel the rise of their body temperature. After rise of temperature to 37 and 37.5 degrees, the headaches, fatigue, bone and muscle pains, irritation, and pain in the throat are observed in such patients. Along with this, the running nose, the loss of taste and smelling senses, diarrhea, and nausea are also observed in the mildly symptomatic patients.

As Sabina Babazade has noted, an increase in temperature up to 38 degrees and more, feeling chest pain, dry cough, and shortness of breath are symptoms of coronavirus patients in serious condition. Furthermore, if mild symptoms are observed in citizens, who are under or over 18 and suffer from chronic disease, they are included in the category of patients with serious symptoms.

Patients, who are asymptomatic or experience mild symptoms, are taken under territorial doctor’s control at home condition, after contact with territorial polyclinics and are treated at home by following isolation rules within 21 days. Patients in serious condition apply emergent medical assistance team through 103 and placed at a hospital for stationary treatment.   

It has also been noted in the online interview of Sabina Babayeva, a member of the Working Group of the Health Ministry, that territorial doctors keep contact with those, who have contact with COVID-19 patients, twice a day and observe their condition. 


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