WHO reports all-time high of 4.3 million coronavirus cases registered in one week

WHO reports all-time high of 4.3 million coronavirus cases registered in one week
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  • calendar-gray 16 December 2020

More than 4.3 million newly confirmed novel coronavirus cases were registered worldwide in the past week, which is the all-time-high weekly count since the start of the pandemic, the World Health Organization said late on Tuesday, APA reports citing TASS.

According to the global organization’s data, a total of 4,329,927 novel coronavirus cases and 75,038 fatalities were registered worldwide between December 7 and 13. The previous all-time-high figures for a seven-day period were registered on November 16-22, when 4,060,891 coronavirus cases were confirmed all over the globe.

The World Health Organization said the America and Europe bear the brunt of the pandemic, accounting for 85% of new cases and 86% of new deaths. However, in contrast to the North and South America, where the case count continues to grow, the epidemiological situation in the European region tends to stabilize. The spread of the infection intensified in Africa in the reported period, while Southeast Asia demonstrates a steady decline after peak figures were reached in September.

Over 2 million new cases and over 29,000 deaths were registered between December 7 and 13 in North and South America. About 1.6 million cases and over 34,000 deaths were registered in Europe in the reported period. Southeast Asia accounts for over 290,000 cases and some 4,400 deaths.

The case count increased by more than 1.4 million in the United States, by more than 302,000 in Brazil, by over 219,000 in Turkey, by over 212,000 in India, by over 193,000 in Russia and by over 149,000 in Germany in the past seven days.

The infection has also been spreading rapidly the United Kingdom (over 124,000 new cases), Italy (over 115,000), France (over 82,000), Ukraine (over 80,000), Mexico (over 72,000) and Poland (over 72,000).


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