Interior Ministry: Mass destruction of graves in Baku Christian cemetery out of the question

# 12:00
30 March 2017

Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry has shed light on the information posted on the Russian news portal ‘’ of the alleged destruction of graves in a cemetery in Baku where rest the bodies of a number of Soviet soldiers.


Interior Ministry Spokesperson Ehsan Zahidov told APA that it is regrettable that a serious news portal like has carelessly published such a piece of information without proper verification.


“Nonetheless, I’m proud to say that followers of all religions peacefully coexist here in Azerbaijan. Different kinds of material-cultural monuments, both in the country’s capital and in other parts of it, are being renovated whenever necessary,” he added.


He noted that Azerbaijan has been quite successful in settling issues associated with religion.


“As regards the complaint of Baku resident Dmitry, I have investigated it and learned that the cemetery is situated in the Zabrat settlement of Baku’s Sabunchu district. As specified in the information, it’s not only the Soviet soldiers whose bodies rest therein. Rather, it’s a common cemetery. Singin Dmitry Gennadiyevich’s parents were also buried there,” said the spokesperson.


Zahidov stressed that the mass destruction of graves in this cemetery is out of the question.


“Only the fences of two graves have been stolen. Such cases are also observed in other cemeteries, including Muslim ones. Despite this, the case of the theft of metal fences of two graves were registered by Baku’s Sabunchu district police department, an appropriate investigation is underway. Citizen Dmitry Singin is also informed about it,” he added.  


Zahidov went on to say that those responsible for these illegal actions will be identified and brought to justice.


Russia's news portal ‘’ had earlier spread information about the alleged destruction of the graves of Soviet soldiers in Baku. Even as an example, it was reported that the grave of Baku resident Dmitry’s grandfather, who was a Svoeit soldier, has been vandalized.