Armenia’s celebration of Iskander missiles over, retired general says

Armenia’s celebration of Iskander missiles over, retired general says
# 22 December 2016 12:56 (UTC +04:00)

Armenia’s celebration of being in possession of Iskander mobile short-range ballistic missile systems is over, Yashar Aydemirov, a retired lieutenant general of the Azerbaijani Army, told APA on Thursday.


He was commenting on the Azerbaijani Army having test-fired with the Ildirim (Thunderbolt) anti-aircraft missile complexes.


Aydemirov noted the advanced offensive and defense weapons at the Azerbaijani Armed Forces’ disposal allow performing any task given by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.


According to him, the comprehensive defense and other measures taken to protect the territory of Azerbaijan from the enemy’s possible aerial attack are sufficient to prevent any attack.


“We can say that the “Ildırım” complexes that were successfully tested on Dec. 21 as well as other modern systems of this kind at the Azerbaijani Army’s disposal put an end to the Armenians’ celebration of Iskander systems,” the retired general added.


These systems are capable of detecting and eliminating several aerial targets under any difficult combat circumstances, and at any distance and altitude as well as aerodynamic, tactical and ballistic missiles, he stressed.


Aydemirov noted that Azerbaijan’s air defense system has control over not only the occupied territories but also the entire air space of Armenia.


“Azerbaijan will be able to prevent any aerial attack on its territory. But Armenia’s capability of doing the same remains a question and is impossible, actually,” he added.


The enemy’s army also should know that the hundreds of destructive high-precision missile systems at Azerbaijan’s disposal are ready to destroy any target in the occupied territories or in Armenia itself, the retired general warned.