Azerbaijan submits data on May’s oil output to OPEC

# 13:37
5 June 2017

According to Energy Ministry, in May Azerbaijan produced 785,300 b/d of oil, of which 55,000 b/d made up condensate and 730,300 b/d – crude oil. At the same time, Azerbaijan exported 596,500 b/d of crude oil, 55,000 b/d of condensate and 12,200 b/d of oil products.


Within the agreement to cut the output, Azerbaijan produced 793,900 barrels of oil per day in January, 776,400 barrels in February, 733,300 barrels in March and 781,100 tonnes in May.


At the 172nd meeting of the OPEC Ministerial Council held on May 25, the agreement to cut the output was extended up to the first quarter of 2018.